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FREE Online Ordering & FREE Gift Card Processing. It comes with our POS Systems.

There are advantages for both the customer and for the restaurants who participate in online ordering. First, a customer can order at will when they have time to. Also, the customer is able to customize their order the way they like it without errors in communication between the customer and the person taking the order. In addition to customer advantages, the restaurant is able to take more orders with less staff. The restaurant does not need a waiter or hostess to be on the phone to take the order. The order can go straight to the kitchens printer or display monitor.

QSR – ask about our self ordering Kiosks.

Is your business EMV- Compliant? Deadline October 1st 2015
Soon we will have to change how we pay and get paid with credit and debit cards. The new standard of operation is called 
EMV – developed by Europay, Mastercard and Visa to be a more secure way of paying.

Every customer’s card will soon have it’s own embedded microchip.

Now you can accept EMV and all types of payments. Tablets for table side ordering.
We carry Point of Sale Systems with state-of- art configurations that are designed to be highly reliable and with a flexible platform.
New and Refurbished POS Systems available. Call for a DEMO: 1-800-987-1506

POS Systems: Retail, Restaurants, Fast Food, Kiosks, Casual Dining, Pizza Shop, QSR , Health Food Store, Food Delivery,                 Drive through, Take Out, Coffee Shop, Cafe, Deli, BBQ Wings & Ribs, Juice Bar, Ice Cream Shop, Candy Shop, Sub Shop,           
Taco Stand, Doughnut Shop, Bakery, Sushi Restaurant, Fish Market, Bar & Grill, Night Clubs, Bars 


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